Daily Capacity 100ton/day
Function Drying/Crushing/Deodorizing/Sterilizing
Reduction (Weight & volume) 85%~95%
Dimension 20m x28.1m=562㎡


Dring with Steam that Generated by Waste Incineration

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Product Description


  1. Completely Drying (Processed material: under than 10% of moisture)
  2. No Bad Smell
  3. Easy to Use & Cheap Maintenance
  4. Safety Device Equipped(Emergency Stop Button, Alarm, Buzzer)
  5. Crushing Impeller Embedded
  6. No Additives Required
  7. Portable(By casters-wheel)


  • Stainless Steel Outfit
  • Animal Fat Extraction for Recycling as Bio-diesel


  • School, Restaurant, Hotel, Dormitory, Hypermarket, Military Basement, Hospital, Golf Club, Farm, Resort, Food Production Factory, etc.

Possible To Treat.

  • All organic wastes (food waste, egg, orange, seaweed sludge, leaf, duck & chicken(all parts), animal fat, melon, watermelon, vegetables, onion, grass, shrimp(prawn), pineapple, yogurt, sewer sludge, mushroom, milk, potato, etc.)